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San Antonio Independent Living Services
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11306 Sir Winston St. Bldg F   •   San Antonio, TX 78216   •   210.281.1878 V/TDD   •   210.281.1759 FAX

Success Stories 


Board of Directors

Miguel Castro, Chair
Roman Juarez, Vice Chair
Rodney Harris, Secretary
Kevin Le Melle, Member
Elizabeth (Liz) Jackson, Member


Kitty L. Brietzke, J.D., CEO/Development Officer
Charles Villarreal, CFO
Ben Lukeba, HR/Executive Support Specialist
Abel Zamora, Program Director
Shawanna Marshall, IR/Volunteer Corcordinator
Mariel Garcia, IL/Outreach Specialist
Virginia Ramirez, IL/Outreach Specialist
Anna Brocato, IL/Outreach Specialist
Analissa Tomlin, IL Health Outreach Coordinator
Savannah Robinson, IL/Outreach Cordinator - Waco Site
O'Tamia Cowan-Shepherd, IL/Outreach Specialist - Waco Site