San Antonio Independent Living Services
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SAILS Staff Directory

If you have never sent us email before, first, please contact by phone the staff member you need to email, to be on the approved email sender list. This is to prevent spams, and malicious internet intruders.

San Antonio Main Office

Kitty L. Brietzke, J.D.- CEO/Development Officer, ext#118

Charles Villarreal- CFO, ext#117

Frann Wright - Executive Administrative Assistant, ext#119

Abel Zamora- Program Director, ext#124

C. J. Williams- IL/Outreach Specialist, ext#125

Megan Zambo- IL/Outreach Specialist, ext#120

Corrina Hernandez- IL/Outreach Specialist, ext#115

Nelda Martinez- IL/Outreach Specialist, ext#121

Alicia Worley- IL/Outreach Specialist, ext#126

Janice Berechi- IL/Outreach Specialist and Volunteer Coordinator, ext#123

Mary Blake- Independent Living Skills Coordinator, ext#116

Laura Johnson- CWIC Coordinator, ext#122

Bill Borellis- CWIC Coordinator, ext#112

Cynthia Contreras- Receptionist

Victoria Branch Office

Kemberley Calk- IL/Outreach Specialist, 361.574.7880

Marjorie Anders- IL/Outreach Specialist, 361.574.7880

Josie Salas- Receptionist, 361.574.7880